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Regarding our commitment to Customer Service...

Many people say it's the best.

Some say it's the worst.

The fact is, both are correct.


When everything is working the way it's supposed to, our customer service is excellent. 

We experience very few mistakes. However, sometimes, despite everybody's best efforts, the wheels fall off. 

Our customer sends us an e-mail about a problem. We fix the problem, promptly, and fairly. We re-ship at our expense, overnight if necessary. We refund payments if that's the right thing to do. We do whatever we can to solve problems. 

That's when our customers tell us our service is excellent.

But, frankly, sometimes our customer service is rotten

That's because when something goes wrong, your normal response is often to pick up the telephone. Then you discover, you can't get anybody to answer the phone.  

And it's true. You can't. Phone contact is just about impossible. 

Let me explain:

This is a very small business, probably smaller than you could ever imagine. I operate the business part-time, and by myself, and I have a day job. There is no office. The telephone number is a Skype number that forwards to my cell phone, which I only answer when I'm not working, or driving, or in a meeting, or eating a other words, I am almost never in a position to answer my cell phone.


The shipping warehouse in Idaho doesn't offer call center services.
So the phone just rings, and rings, and rings, and you get asked to leave voice mail (which you don't want to do) and you get more and more angry.

So to be sure you get the best possible customer service, not the worst, please contact by e-mail, using the e-mail address in this link:  

If you're seeing this paragraph instead of an e-mail link, here's why:  
Spammers send software "robots" across the web, auto-harvesting e-mail addresses from web sites. For that reason, all e-mail addresses are stored on this site as Javascript, which the robots cannot read. A Javascript-enabled browser is required to email directly from this page, and if you're reading this, it means your browser in not Javascript-enabled. You should consider updating your browser. We recommend java-enabled FireFox.

The e-mail address in this link is monitored every business day, during business hours, by the people at our Nampa, Idaho shipping warehouse. They ship for me and several dozen other on-line stores. They can't take orders (because they can't process payments), or give technical advice, but service issues are resolved promptly. 

You can also e-mail me directly:    I try to look after e-mails every day, although I sometimes have to miss a few days if I'm traveling. If you  e-mail me directly about a shipping question, usually all I can do is forward your e-mail to the warehouse, which only delays things. So don't hesitate to contact me, but give some thought to e-mailing the warehouse first regarding shipping issues. 

Like the people at the warehouse, I also can't take orders (because I can't process payments), but I welcome your technical or general questions, suggestions, or comments.

Because we offer truly rotten service with regard to phone contact, we try to give the best possible service every other way.

Please address postal mail to:
    Frugal Photographer
    c/o 1409 23 Ave NW
    Calgary, AB T2M 1T9

Local pickup in Calgary is unfortunately not usually possible, because nothing is usually in stock in Calgary. It has proven impractical to try to keep adequate stocks in both Calgary and Nampa.

If you absolutely must phone: +1 (208) 615-4543. This is a Skype number that automatically forwards to my cell phone. It also will take your voice message if I can't answer, and it notifies me by e-mail that a voice message is waiting. It rings quite a few times before switching to voice mail, so please be patient.

We're a truly international company, with me located in Canada , with shipping facilities in the US , and with suppliers around the globe. 

We have customers on every continent on the planet, including Antarctica. A customer of ours went there and took along the same kind of Vest Pocket Kodak that Admiral Byrd used, and went to the places Byrd had been, and shot several rolls of 127 film that she had bought from this site. 

We've been operating this store on the Web since September 1, 2001.

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There is a real person behind this business. No, I'm not a giant. That's a very, very tiny SLR, a Pentax 110 that uses 110 film. It's a wonderful little camera.

If you have problems or concerns, please contact me directly by e-mail (click the link below). My name is David Foy. I was born and raised in Montana and since 1970 I have lived in Calgary.

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