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127 film manufacture resumes in mid-April. Sorry for the long delay in production.

Clearouts, closeouts, and special pricing


Special Clearout Price

Clearout price! This must be the world's least expensive SLR. It uses any 35mm film.
It's called the Hipstermatic by some. We call it the Aviva... 

This is a true single-lens reflex camera with a built-in exposure meter visible in the viewfinder.

Through-the-lens pentaprism viewfinder has a split-image focusing screen that makes it possible to focus on exactly the part of the image that you want.
40mm focal length f2.8 lens is moderately wide-angle (ideal for street photography, informal portraiture), takes standard 49mm filters and accessories
Adjustable focus from 3 feet to infinity
Single-speed shutter — adjust exposure by varying the f stop from f2.8 to f16
Shutter lock prevents accidental exposure
Use any 35mm film (exposure meter can be set for 100, 200, or 400 speed film)
Built-in electronic flash
Includes case and neck strap. Does not include required 2 AA batteries.
The lens gives you the lomography-holga vignetting and softness that you want. The build quality is adequate, but leaves something to be desired. The shutter is satisfyingly noisy and not entirely reliable.

Buy this camera if you want an authentic retro-expressive photo experience with you keeping control of exposure and the precise SLR focusing and composition that you need to take prize-winning photographs.

(when they're gone, they're gone)


This Ansco Panoramic camera arrived without the focal-plane mask that gives the panorama effect. So just think of it as an Ansco branded plastic happy-snapper with the slightly-vignetting fixed-focus plasticey image you want, good build quality, a reliable single-speed shutter, an an approximately 25mm focal length two-element lens that will give wide-angle images on standard 24x36mm negatives on any 35mm film. The lens is of higher than normal quality for this kind of camera. This blog has an interesting discussion of a German version of this camera.

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